The Blue Collar Breakdown: UVA

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If Virginia fires Mike London, he'll scream all the way to the bank.
If Virginia fires Mike London, he’ll scream all the way to the bank.

I guess the only thing that could make this season worse for the Hokies than home losses to Duke and then Maryland would be to give up the Commonwealth Cup to a terrible UVA football team this coming Saturday in Scott Stadium (aka- Li’l Lane, based on the Hokie turnout every other Saturday after Thanksgiving).  If you ask the coaching staff and the players, they’ll tell you they’re confident.
The seniors aren’t just talking smack about UVA to the media, they’re doing it amongst one another as well.  This group has  a lot of pride and they do NOT want to be the first group to lose to UVA in the last ten years.  The new coaches don’t want to come into a new job in Blacksburg and be responsible for the first loss to the instate rival in ten years either.  There’s a lot on the line this Saturday, and the Hokies undoubtedly have a more talented group than the Cavaliers.

So, if the coaches are confident, and the players are confident, why aren’t the fans?  Is it because the fans have a better sense of who this team is, who they really are, than the players and the coaching staff?  Are the players and coaches simply too close to the situation to see it clearly?  I know that fans often get the blame (and rightfully so) for being too emotional and not thinking clearly when it comes to matchups, game plans, and strategies.  But, isn’t it possible, even likely, that in this situation the coaches and players are the ones who are too close to the situation for objectivity, based on their investment of time, sweat, and tears?

Coaches and players like to blow off criticism from fans and media by pointing to the countless hours they spend in the film room, breaking