Bye week boredom

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The bye week gives us the opportunity to do what we don’t get to do very often: watch other teams play football.

I don’t know about you, but here’s how my Saturdays usually go for home games…

1: Wake up around 7:30
2: Tailgating by 8:30
3: In the stadium for a noon or 12:30 kickoff
4: Home at around 5pm after the traffic clears out
5: Monitor the message boards
6: Go through the box score to figure out what I’m going to write on Sunday
7: Hopefully catch the night games, or at least the second half of them

That doesn’t create much of an opportunity to actually sit down and watch college football games without a rooting interest.  Bye weeks, and road games to a lesser extent, mean I actually get a chance to watch football!  I was looking forward to this weekend, even though it was a plethora of major programs playing 1-AA teams the week before their big rivalry games.

I’m ready for the Hokies to play again.  I don’t have a lot to say this week.  For the most part, the bye week was pretty boring, so I really had to wing it for today’s article.  A couple of games stood out to me that were relevant to Virginia Tech this past weekend.  We’ll discuss those, as well as a little bit of recruiting.

Frank Beamer now owns the nation’s longest bowl streak.

Florida and the Bowl Streak

The Hokies went 6-6 last year during the regular season, and they are likely going 8-4 this year (more on UVA later).  I don’t like how the program has dropped off anymore than you do.  Virginia Tech isn’t immune to that kind of drop off.  We were naive if we ever thought they were.  Perhaps the best example is Florida.

Florida has one of the best football programs in the country.  They are used to competing for SEC Championships, and by my count