2013 season finally comes into focus

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Maryland QB C.J. Brown beats Tariq Edwards to the pylon ... and beats the Hokies in OT
Maryland QB C.J. Brown beats Tariq Edwards to the pylon … and beats the Hokies in OT

It took me a long time to figure out what to write about this one.

If you saw my post on the message boards late Saturday night, then you know that I didn’t attend this one in person. I was in Northern Virginia at the state cross country meet, where I saw my ninth-grader run. The Radford High School boys — much like the Hokies — lost by an excruciatingly close margin, finishing second to Galax, 79-77. If you know cross country, you know that’s a razor-thin margin, and the what-ifs are endless. A few seconds here or there in 17-19 minutes of running makes the difference.

I followed the Maryland game on Twitter, not super-close, but enough to get the gist. Things looked good, then they looked bad, then they were tied … and I was able to listen to the last eight minutes and overtime in the car.

Afterwards, I was really bothered by this one. Very disappointed. I didn’t want to watch the game. Didn’t want to break it down. Didn’t want to take notes and analyze. Didn’t want to write about it.

Didn’t want to do my job, in other words.

Ultimately, what I chose to analyze were my feelings about this one. Why so let down? Was it the distance? Was it because I wasn’t there? What was it?

Late yesterday, I finally figured it out. Saturday was the day we finally figured out for good what to think about the 2013 Hokies, and the answer wasn’t good.

The moment of clarity

If you’ve been reading my stuff for years, and most of you have, then you’ve heard me say that in every football season, that moment arrives where you know with crystal clarity what to think of a team. You realize, “This is who we are.”

That moment came for me yesterday, reading CC’s article ...