Living and dying by the turnover

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Let’s pretend it’s Friday, October 25.  The day before the Duke game.  I came across a crystal ball that told me the stats of Saturday’s Tech-Duke game, and I put them in an article.  They went like this…

VT outgained Duke 387 to 198
Duke threw four interceptions
Duke did not complete a pass in the second half
Duke did not convert a third down the entire game
VT beat Duke 39:27 to 20:33 in time of possession
The Hokies had a 100 yard rusher and ran for 173 yards
The Hokies only punted three times

Wow…double the yardage, four interceptions, no third down conversions, TOP almost 2-to-1, a solid number of rushing yards, and only three punts.  If I knew all those stats on Friday, I would have told you that the Hokies hit Duke with the perfect barrage of BeamerBall and won the game about 40-0.  What would you have guessed?  Maybe not 40-0, but certainly not a loss.

Somehow, despite dominating the game in all of those phases, the Hokies lost to Duke 13-10.  The four interceptions thrown by Logan Thomas evened things out, and it became a battle of kickers.  Duke had a better kicker, so they won.

There are a few topics to discuss, starting with the one on everyone’s mind… Logan Thomas .


A few steps forward, and then a giant leap backwards

After the Marshall game, I wrote that the Hokies needed Logan Thomas .  I said he needed to play mistake free football, because the team has no margin for error.  Against Georgia Tech, UNC and Pitt he played mistake free football.  He had zero turnovers in those