Friday Q&A: October 11, 2013

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Spoiler alert: Virginia is not the toughest matchup left on VT's schedule.
Spoiler alert: Virginia is not the toughest matchup left on VT’s schedule.

1) Can you rank the remainder of the season for toughest game, hardest match up for the Hokies, and which D and O do we match up the best against?

Chris Coleman: That’s a lot of ranking…what I’ll do is rank the rest of our opponents in terms of toughest games based on matchups.  Let’s go from the easiest matchup to the hardest.

UVA: After watching UVA against Pitt, I have no idea how the Hoos are going to score on Tech’s defense.  You know the Hokies will be focused for that game, which is why I rate UVA as the easiest matchup from here on out.

Duke: I see Duke as a little bit more of a challenge than UVA for two reasons.  First, Tech might not be as focused for that game.  And two, if the Hokies aren’t focused, Duke has the firepower to potentially take advantage, unlike UVA.

Maryland: I really have no idea how good Maryland is.  They were 4-0 and playing well, but then they lost to Florida State 63-0.  I think the Hokies will be peaking by the time this game rolls around.

Pitt: This is a team that smacked the Hokies last year.  Tech is a one-dimensional offense right now, and that could be a matchup advantage for the Pitt defense.

BC: Are they the second-best team on our remaining schedule?  No.  But I don’t like the thought of playing what will probably be a noon game in a half-empty stadium the week before we go play a big game against Miami.

Miami: Miami