Inconsistent play at all positions leads to running game failure against UNC

This is a look at every running play by Tech’s tailbacks during the North Carolina game.  In short, there are a number of different issues with the running game, and we’ll cover them at the end of the article.

Play #1: This is a well-executed play all the way around.  The offensive line ties up all of the UNC defenders in the front seven, and Caleb Farris executes his pull block very well.  Trey Edmunds is able to run straight up the middle for a six yard gain.  However, I think this play had the potential to go for more yardage if Edmunds had cut outside of Farris, rather than inside him.

Play #2: This play isn’t particularly well blocked, with Brent Benedict and Andre Miller not able to stay engaged with their defenders.  However, Trey Edmunds makes a very good run, dragging a tackler four yards to pick up a first down when he should have been stopped for a minimal gain.