Raleigh Hokie: Passing game improves

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Logan Thomas
Logan Thomas

Raleigh Hokie chatted with us on Thursday night about the ECU game, the upcoming matchup with Marshall, and playing two games in five days.

Chris Coleman: Did East Carolina stack the box, or did they not?  I thought I saw instances of both.

Raleigh Hokie: I think their gameplan was to have the safety up.  Whenever they saw 21 personnel for us – two backs with a tight end – they were going to stack the box.  They had the safety up, basically like we used to play years ago with the eight man fronts with the rover up.  It was similar to that.

When we showed that personnel group, they were going to stack it.  When we had one back and spread it out, they didn’t stack it.  I think they learned early in the game that they really didn’t have to stack the box.  That nose guard was destroying our inside blocking.  He was getting penetration more times than not.  Any time you can get that inside penetration you don’t have to bring your safeties up.  It means the offensive line can’t get to the second level, the timing of the handoff gets disrupted, the linebackers are running free, etc.

They were able to back out of that a little bit early in the game, but in general their gameplan was to stack it when they saw 21 personnel.  And it took us awhile to adjust to that, but in the second half we didn’t have a fullback in the game very much.  Once we spread them out a little and started throwing the ball around, they had to come out of that defense and play straight up pass defense, and that’s when we started moving the ball.

Chris Coleman: Do you think teams will keep lining a defensive tackle up over David Wang?

Raleigh Hokie: Certainly, depending on who that defensive tackle is.  Just lining up a guy over the center, there are advantages to doing it because he has to make different line calls, it makes the center snap straight out and