Tuesday’s Monday Thoughts: ECU

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The go-ahead touchdown by D.J. Coles had the Hokies celebrating.

This one’s going to be a little short, folks — first of all, CC has done some great work already analyzing this game, and secondly, I needed to take some time off after weeks of working every day, so I relaxed Sunday, and didn’t watch the game till Monday morning.

Having said that, let’s dig right in!  I’m not sure how much analysis I’ll be doing, versus just giving you some “thoughts” on things.  I think I’ve got a little bit of both.

Some classic Beamer stats, some not

You know Frank believes in running the football, playing good defense, playing good special teams, controlling the clock, and running more plays than the other guy.

Doesn’t every football coach believe in those tenets? Well, no. Oregon wants to play great offense, score quickly, and wear you out. They don’t care if they run more plays than you or control the clock.

When a team is firing on all cylinders in Frank Beamer’s philosophy of football, they’ll crush you. When they’re not, it leads to close games or losses.

Run the football: the Hokies had 34 rushes for 53 yards (1.6 ypc), and that only included 2 sacks for 9 lost yards. Take those out, and VT had 32 rushes for 62 yards (1.94 ypc) — still abysmal. Furthermore, the Hokies only picked up 4 of their 18 first downs on the ground, and failed to pick up a 4th and 1 on their last possession.

Play good defense: Tech limited ECU’s passing-oriented attack, which was averaging 396 yards and 42 points per game, to 204 yards and 10 points. ECU had 30 yards and 3 first downs after half time. You’ve heard enough about Virginia Tech’s defense. They were great.

Play good special teams: Cody Journell ‘s struggles in this game were legion. He missed an extra point and two field goals, and he missed a third field goal that was pulled off the board after a penalty on