Friday Q&A: Tight ends and tailbacks

Today’s Q&A focuses on the tight ends and running backs.vt_fb_kalvin_cline_2013_01

1) Of all the players VT lost this year due to injuries, attrition, quitting, transferring, etc., who is the biggest loss to the team for this year and why? How will they be replaced for this year and what strategic changes does their loss force? How will opponents try to take advantage?

Chris Coleman: Ryan Malleck , without question, is Virginia Tech’s biggest loss this season.  I was planning on writing a quick article today about my thoughts on the tight end position, but since there were so many questions about this spot in this week’s Q&A thread, I just decided to address the situation here.

The issue with Malleck’s injury is that there is a huge dropoff behind him on the depth chart.  I thought he looked very good in the first practice in early August, and it was clear that he was going to be a big part of the offense.  Loeffler really likes his ability, and Malleck told me during an interview that he was the #1 or #2 read on many passing plays this year.