TSL Top Prospects List: Regular season update

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On May 1, we introduced a new feature: the TSL Top Prospects List.  GMSAHokie and Chris Coleman each revealed their top 10 prospects within the Virginia Tech football program.  With the summer and the preseason behind us, it’s time to update those rankings.

Our top prospects lists are basically like the baseball lists of top prospects in the minor leagues. Obviously there are no minor leagues in college football, so we had to use other criteria to define a “prospect”. Our lists will include true freshmen and r-freshmen. It can also include true sophomores, but only if that player was on the field for less than 100 offensive or defensive snaps as a true freshman. (Special teams snaps are not considered.)

To read our first article, and to compare how our lists have changed since May 1, click here.

GMSAHokie’s Top 10 Prospects

Let me start off here by saying that this is a very fun list and I’m glad that Chris asked me to participate.  It’s pretty cool to go back to what we wrote in May and see how effective we were able to be in our predictions.  I don’t care how long you have been working in football as a coach or a scout, or watching it as a fan; predicting how top prospects are going to work out on the college level is always equal parts art and science.  There’s a lot of educated guesswork going on.  You never how a kid is going to adjust to the rigors of college life.  Is he going to click with the locker room and the members of the coaching staff?  Will he be able to handle the complexities of the playbook and the demands made on him in the classroom?  Will he be disciplined enough to get out of bed early in the morning during the winter and summer voluntary workout periods?  Can he stick to the prescribed diet that the support staff has laid out for him?  Can he gain good weight and keep it on?  All of the questions I just listed are largely unknown variables for the staff when a new recruit comes in.  The exception here is someone like Kendall Fuller , who you pretty much know what you’re getting based on familiarity with his brothers and the rest of the Fuller family.

Alright – so now I have my excuses out of the way.  I have