TSL Roundtable: What three things excite you the most about the season?

What are the three things that excite you the most as the season approaches?

Logan Thomas

Hokie CPA: I’m excited to see what, if any, changes become apparent on the offensive line with respect to their attitude and ability to play mean. I hope to see Coach Grimes work some magic along the front, and I think he’ll eventually get ’em playin’ Hokie football again, but I doubt we’ll see many significant differences this season. I’ll be looking for evidence that I’m WRONG about that. I will be pleasantly surprised and thoroughly AMPED if the line comes together this season.

Along those same lines, I want to see how our young guys at receiver come along. We’ve always asked our receivers to block downfield and they’re usually Johnny-on-the-spot with that, but some players in the past have been known to take a play off from time to time or completely mail it in. I’m hoping Coach Moorehead gets these young guys to block like we need them to, as well as run crisp routes, and catch the football.

On defense, I’m excited to see if our front seven comes together like we’ve expected them to for over a year now. We were injury riddled last season, but we’re back a ton of talent this season and we should be REALLY stout up front. We’ll get a chance to see how good we are a week from Saturday. Alabama is going to test us on defense. If our defense is as good as we think they should be, even Alabama should have a really tough time gaining yards on the ground against us. And if we can slow down Alabama, we might have a chance to keep things respectable.