Friday Q&A: August 23, 2013

Bud Foster

1: I’d like to get your thoughts on how the new targeting rule could impact Tech this year; especially given how thin we are at some positions.

Chris Coleman: Bud Foster was asked that question on Media Day.  He said it shouldn’t hurt the Tech defense, because the defensive coaches teach their players to tackle low and with their heads up.  The new rules aren’t something he is worried about, unless he did a really good job of hiding it on Media Day.

That said, it’s football.  Things happen.  Sometimes that ball carrier changes direction at the last instant, and there’s nothing you can do.  It’s a very fast sport.  The vast majority of fans know the game is fast, but it’s still difficult to grasp unless you have really great seats, or you’re standing on the sideline.  Or unless you’ve played the game at a high level, obviously.

If it does happen to the Hokies, then yes, it could have an impact.  Tech is thin at cornerback, and the backup safeties are unproven.  On the other hand, all programs have depth issues.  I bet there are only a handful of programs across the country who truly feel confident in their backup defensive backs.