The Loeffler Show

After 15 practices in the spring and nearly three weeks of practice in August, it’s pretty clear that Frank Beamer has not only handed the reins of the of offense to Scot Loeffler, but he’s also changed the way Tech does things on a day-to-day basis to help the offense.

Virginia Tech held a closed scrimmage in Lane Stadium last night.  Unlike the open scrimmages, which were 100% vanilla, Wednesday’s scrimmage was very important.  The Hokies used part of the scrimmage to focus on redzone scoring, and if reports from the VT Football Twitter account are to be believed, the offense had a big day.

Scot Loeffler

We know that Tech scored three rushing touchdowns from inside the five yard line, and they also had a passing touchdown.  Near as I can tell, they were also effective from outside the redzone.  However, those Tweets have been deleted and that info wasn’t included in the official report, so I’ll refrain from going into details out of respect for the Virginia Tech coaches.

As you know, and have run video highlights of all of Tech’s scrimmages in the past.  In fact, they did so for Tech’s two open scrimmages this year.  Last night, they weren’t supposed to post the highlights because the Hokies were working on a lot of plays and formations that they haven’t shown in open scrimmages.  Somehow, through a miscommunication, posted the highlights on YouTube anyway.