2013 Football Preview: Defensive line

The strength of this Virginia Tech football team is their defensive line.  The line must get off to a better start than they did a year ago and hold the team above water while all the young offensive players grow into their roles.

Charley Wiles has a lot of experienced depth to work with this year.  On Sunday, it looked like he might lose a valuable member of his line when rumors surfaced that Corey Marshall (#96, 6-1, 257, Jr.) was leaving the program. Fortunately the rumor was false, though Marshall did go home on Friday to evaluate things.  He met with Frank Beamer on Sunday and decided to stay.

With Marshall still on the team, the Hokies will still have a veteran backup playing defensive tackle.  Marshall can also play defensive end, if the need arises.

James Gayle

Here’s how the depth chart looks on the defensive line right now…