TSL Roundtable: How long will it take for the offense to improve?

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How long should it reasonably take for the new coaches to ‘right the ship’ on offense?

Scot Loeffler

Tafkam Hokie: I’ve noticed over the years that even the elite-of-the-elite coaches take at least a little time to get a mess cleaned up.  But give them somewhere between half a season and two years, and they can still get things pointed in the right direction.  A great coach can “coach up” the players he has to get them performing at their maximum potential in that time frame.

But if the maximum potential of the players you’ve got isn’t very good, then you are looking at a 2-5 year rebuilding project since recruiting then becomes a critical piece of the process.

In our specific case, it comes down to whether you think the players on our roster are pretty good football players, but just haven’t gotten the instruction and repetition needed to be good at running our offense.  If that is true, we should see progress this season, and genuine results starting next year if our new coaches are good at what they do.  But if the cupboard really is bare, we may need to wait until 2015.

Either way, we should be able to honestly evaluate whether these are good coaches or not by the end of 2016.

Hokie CPA: Ah… a completely subjective question with no possible objective answer. A perfect Roundtable topic. How should we determine whether the ship has been righted? Do we have to have a top 20 offense? Top 40? Would we be happy with a top 20 running game and a top 80 passing game? Vise-versa? Is it about time of possession? Yards gained? Points scored? I suppose the best answer would be to paraphrase