Future OL situation gets worse

Jonathan McLaughlin

We’ve talked about Tech’s future offensive line situation in past articles, but that situation just got a lot worse with the weekend’s attrition news. Adam Taraschke is done with football, and there’s a good chance that Jake Goins is as well.

Here’s what the offensive line is projected to look like in 2015, without Taraschke or Goins.

OT Augie Conte , r-Jr.
OT Jonathan McLaughlin , Jr.
C Jack Willenbrock , r-Jr.
OT Parker Osterloh , r-So.
OG Kyle Chung , r-So.
OG Braxton Pfaff , So./r-Fr.
OT Brady Taylor , So./r-Fr.
C Eric Gallo , So./r-Fr.
OG Billy Ray Michell, So./r-Fr.
OG Colt Pettit , So./r-Fr.
OG Tyrel Smith, So./r-Fr.

Augie Conte (#72)

Good gracious. If everybody in the 2014 class redshirts, that means only five linemen will be above the age of r-freshman in 2015. And one of those will be 237-pound Jack Willenbrock , who enrolled at 245, stayed at 245 in the spring, and somehow dropped to 237 during the spring. Will he be a reliable player in 2015? It’s not impossible, but I don’t think the odds are good right now.