Friday Q&A: Extra long edition

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Ryan Malleck

1) Who would be our #2 tight end in a 2-TE set?

Chris Coleman: If the season started tomorrow, I think it would be Zack McCray .  However, I think there’s a big dropoff between Ryan Malleck and everybody else.  In the one hour I was at practice on Monday night, Malleck really stood out to me.  His route running looked smooth, he caught the ball with his hands, and things looked natural for him.

The guys behind him are fighting for that #2 spot.

Zack McCray (#86, 6-4, 247, r-Jr.): Though he’s entering his fourth year in the program, McCray has only spent one spring at tight end.  He’s a good athlete who can be a threat with the ball in his hands, but he wasn’t physical enough for Charley Wiles on the defensive line.  Can he be physical enough in the running game at tight end?

Duan Perez-Means (#81, 6-4, 242, r-Jr.): Another converted defensive end, Perez-Means looks fairly smooth in the passing game.  However, despite being only five pounds lighter than McCray, he just doesn’t look like he has the mass to be an effective run blocker.

Darius Redman (#33, 6-4, 256, r-So.): Redman is the biggest of the contenders at tight end.  He has the size and strength to be a good run blocker, and honestly that’s what I want most out of a #2 tight end.  I’m not sure he’s as advanced as McCray and Perez-means from a receiving standpoint.

I think McCray has the best combination of size, strength and receiving ability, and thus he would be the #2 tight end right now.  I think Perez-Means would be most effective as a #3/redzone receiving tight end.

2) Chris, it would be nice to see each Friday, a list of projected