A big year for Beamer

For the first time in nearly a decade, Virginia Tech is not ranked in the top 25 when practice opens in August.  The program is on unfamiliar ground.  After winning just seven games – the lowest number since a 7-5 season in 1997 – the Hokies have three new offensive coaches, and nobody knows what to expect.

Frank Beamer

I know a lot of folks are going to want to talk about the Alabama game over the next few weeks.  I get that.  The Hokies are facing the #1 team in the country to open the season, and it’s a huge opportunity.  I know the #beatbama saying on Twitter is getting a lot of play, but I sincerely hope nobody is investing a lot of their emotions into this game.  That’s a good way to get your feelings hurt.  This season isn’t about what the Hokies do against Alabama.  On the contrary, it’s about what they do after the Alabama game.

Tech will probably lose to Alabama on August 31.  If they do, they can still win the ACC and get back to winning 10 games.  That would get the program pointed back in the right direction.  On the other hand, they could pull an upset against the Crimson Tide, but then lose ACC games to teams like Miami, Georgia Tech and UNC.  Point being, don’t be quick to rush to judgment on these 2013 Hokies.  Let the season play out, and then look back on it as a whole.

To me, this season isn’t about any individual game.  It’s about Frank Beamer and the future of the program.