Grimes completes his “Fab 5”

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On Monday night, Jeff Grimes got his final piece of the “Fab 5” when Brady Taylor chose the Hokies over Kentucky.  Barely six months since his hire, Grimes has already given Tech fans confidence in future offensive line recruiting.

Grimes came to Virginia Tech from Auburn.  Being a bigger SEC school with a recent National Championship to its credit, Auburn doesn’t struggle when it comes to recruiting 4-star and 5-star offensive linemen.  Grimes brought in a lot of those guys during his days at Auburn.

When he arrived at Tech, Grimes did several things:

1: Watched numerous hours of tape to create a working list of the top offensive linemen on his board.

2: Shifted Virginia Tech’s offensive line recruiting efforts to the north.

3: Recruited his tail off.

Jeff Grimes

Did the Hokies get the top five players on their list?  No.  Nolan Kelleher was the first interior lineman offered, and offensive tackle Damian Prince is regarded as one of the best players in America.  Tech offered those guys, but didn’t get them, which is similar to results of the past when they pursued highly-touted linemen.

What’s the difference between now and then?  This time around the Hokies didn’t waste their time pursuing those guys until the bitter end.  Grimes did his homework, identified other prospects that he liked a lot, and didn’t wait around to see what happened with the highly-ranked players.  History suggests that Tech doesn’t get 5-star guys like Prince, nor do they beat out SEC schools for guys like Kelleher.  Grimes decided not to wait for something that likely wasn’t going to happen, so he went after five other guys very hard and locked them up before they could commit elsewhere.

Is it the highest-rated offensive line class in Tech history?  No, it’s