The Eye Test, the Gayle Factor, and more

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As the start of football practice gets closer each day, I find myself getting more and more pumped up for the start of the season.

My head hasn’t really been into VT football lately. I’ve had a lot of personal stuff going on that has distracted me — nothing bad, just “stuff” — and I’ve also been spending a lot of time focusing on a site revamp that’s coming in the next few weeks. (You can tell I’ve been preoccupied with that by all the message board polls we ran a few weeks back.)

But attending the camp last Saturday, and hearing some interesting stuff via email, got my mind back into football. It’s hard to believe that practice starts in just a couple weeks, and the Alabama game is just 45 days away.

The Eye Test

First, let’s talk about the camp. Chris Horne and Chris Coleman — CH and CC — have done a good job giving you a recap of what they saw, how some guys looked, and what the latest updates are. My window into these things is always a little different. I don’t have the eye for talent that those guys do, plus they follow recruiting a lot more closely and have all the names and everyone’s status locked in.

Having said that, here’s a slew of random observations by yours truly:

This just in: Wyatt Teller ‘s a stud

Wyatt Teller is a beast. Yes, we love Wyatt Teller here at TSL, and we’ve said that kind of thing a million times, but it bears repeating. The kid is built like a junior or senior. He’s more “cut” than he looks in the picture here, and the pic also doesn’t do his frame justice. Big shoulders, a thick back, and weight that is very well distributed between his upper and lower body.