Friday Q&A: July 12, 2013

1) I’m wondering how the VT O-line will match up with the formidable prowess, skill, and overall excellence of UVA’s D-line three years from now. Specifically I’m looking at match ups between their commitments and ours (projected).

Chris Coleman: If I could answer this question, I’d be making millions of dollars as a football coach.  Each of their recruits and each of our recruits play in different districts, against different competition.  I can’t possibly project any of the following:

A: Size.  How will Tech’s offensive linemen grow?  How big will guys like Eli Harold get at UVA?
B: Will Jeff Grimes and Scot Loeffler stay at Tech, or will bigger programs lure them away?
C: Will Mike London get canned at UVA after 2014?  That would give UVA’s players a new staff.
D: Work ethic.  I don’t know anything about the work ethic of any of UVA’s recruits.  The only thing I can tell you is that a high school coach from Virginia Beach, as well as a few others from that area, told me that Andrew Brown was overrated because he takes way too many plays off.

There’s just too much unknown to be able to accurately predict what will happen, and ultimately there will be even more deciding factors than the ones I listed above.