TSL Roundtable: Expectations of Logan Thomas

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What are your expectations of Logan Thomas in 2013?

Hokie CPA: I have to admit, the Spring Game didn’t give me reason to think Logan Thomas will be a Heisman candidate this year. Those were some ugly picks and some awful decision making on display there. While I have my doubts about our offensive line’s capability to open a hole for a running back, I have seen them get much better at pass protection. Poor Tyrod Taylor and Sean Glennon almost got killed back there, but Logan Thomas has actually had time to make a few reads before getting pressured. That probably has a lot to do with the fact that Logan is an Oak in the pocket and a monster to bring down.

Logan Thomas

What I expect for 2013 is for our receivers to build up a rapport with our QBs allowing them trust each other to make plays for well-thrown balls. However, I just feel like Logan mailed it in back in April. He’s gonna have to make better decisions and better throws.

If Loeffler has him straightened out by the time we get into our ACC schedule in October, Thomas should have a huge year.  But if Thomas’ issues can’t be fixed, he’s going to cost us a couple or few games.

Upwind of uva: My biggest question about Logan Thomas in 2013 is whether the game slows down enough for him that his natural athleticism takes over. Will his experience from the past two seasons combine with offseason work with a QB coach with legit bona fides, plus another offseason of film study, allow him to settle in more? I never got the sense that Thomas was panicky last year, but I never had the sense he was confident in what he was doing, either.