The Fun Factor

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I ran across an interesting article over the weekend that focuses on the fun factor in college football, namely scoring, tempo, etc.  I thought it might be interesting to see where the Hokies rank nationally, and amongst other ACC teams, as far as pure entertainment goes, according to the formula used in the article.

You can read the article here.  As it states, what is fun for one fan might not be fun for another, but I think this applies for the majority.  Here are the categories used…

Scoring offense: Speaks for itself
Scoring defense: Speaks for itself
Total points: Points per game (both teams combined)
Margin of Victory/Defeat: How much a team wins or loses by
Adjusted pace: number of plays, adjusted by run/pass ratio
F/+: Oddly named, but this ranking is basically for special teams efficiency

Based strictly on that formula, the Hokies rank in the lower portions of the ACC.

4: Clemson
18: Georgia Tech
22: UNC
24: Syracuse
37: NC State
42: Louisville
45: Florida State
47: Duke
52: Miami
54: Virginia Tech
73: Pitt
85: UVA
107: Boston College
114: Wake Forest

Teams that score a lot of points, run an up-tempo pace and are efficient on special teams tend to rank towards the top, such as Clemson, Georgia Tech and UNC.  And honestly, I can’t deny that I enjoy watching those teams play.  Clemson blows out most opponents these days, so their ranking is held back a bit by finishing only 107th in margin of victory/defeat.  Georgia Tech plays a unique style that you don’t see often, while UNC is very balanced across the board.

Boston College and Wake Forest rank at the bottom because they were blown out nearly every time they played.  You’ve got to win a few games to rank well on this, or at least keep them close.  I suppose that explains UVA at #85 as well.

Overall, the ACC seems a bit above average in terms of entertainment.  Virginia Tech ranks 10th out of 14 teams, but their overall rank of #54 is still in the top half of college football (out of 124 teams).  How do the Hokies stack up in each category?  Let’s look…

Scoring offense: #83.  Big shocker.  Tech struggled to score points last season.  They lacked a consistent running game, and when they did manage to reach the redzone, they were generally limited to field goal attempts.

Scoring defense: #32.  Bud Foster’s defense got off to a tough start, but in general his unit did a good job of keeping