Friday Q&A: Possible breakout players, and more

1) So among Billy Ray Mitchell , Colt Pettit , Tyrell Smith, Nolan Kelleher , Kevin Wilkins, and Thomas Coleman, who do you see joining Eric Gallo along our offensive line?

Chris Coleman: I don’t think the Hokies have a great shot with Nolan Kelleher right now.  The Hokies were the first team to offer, and he really liked his visit, but then the deep south teams got involved and Tech has been fading on his list since then.  I’m crossing him off for now, unless he visits again.

Thomas Coleman (not to be confused with Coleman Thomas, who committed to Tennessee) doesn’t have an offer at this point.  However, Grimes likes him better than the other in-state linemen this year because he seems to have the lateral movement that fits Tech’s blocking scheme better than guys like Coleman Thomas, or  even Steven Moss.  However, he plays in a totally different scheme in high school, so I’m sure the Hokies will want to see him at camp before they offer.

Assuming Billy Ray Mitchell doesn’t get an Ole Miss offer (and at this point, it doesn’t seem like that will happen), he is Virginia Tech’s to lose.  Unless of course an LSU or an Alabama jump in, but I don’t think that’s likely.  I’d go ahead and pencil in Mitchell as part of Tech’s 2014 class.