TSL Roundtable: Season Expectations

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What are your expectations of Virginia Tech football in 2013?

Baltimore Hokie: Wouldn’t it be nice to just say ‘ten wins’ and be done with it?

That said – it’s hard to have high expectations given the way we finished out 2012.  We could possibly have a very good defense.  But it’s asking a lot of the new coaches to field an offense that’s the caliber of the 2010-11 units.

One of the main problems last season was with returning starters ‘regressing.’  We saw this not just in Logan, but in the defensive front seven as well.  That trend has to be reversed.  Our DL two deep has to start the season ‘new and improved.’  We can’t afford any more games like last season’s Pitt and UNC debacles, and that starts up front.  From there, the defense will have to endure the absence of Exum for at least a few games, but I like the LBs and the rest of the backfield.

Scot Loeffler

Regarding the offense, I like what I have seen of Loeffler’s offensive philosophy – I’m just not sure he has the talent up front and in the backfield to execute it.  Last year there were people on the message boards declaring 3-4 of our OL were NFL-caliber – we don’t hear that sentiment expressed anymore.  Grimes has his work cut out for him, and I hope he’s the kind of guy that will drive OL development year-round.   And what can we say about the backs and receivers at this point?  Hope, again.  We’re fueling the offensive bus with ‘hope.’

So even if the defense returns to Top 15 form, I’m objectively looking at eight wins in the regular season.  I don’t know what every loss will be, but I expect they will include Bama, and Pitt or UNC.   But with the exception of Bama, I’m not expecting blowout losses.  I expect hard-fought games in which we come up short due to lack of offensive execution.