Friday Q&A: Lots on Loeffler and Quarterbacks

1) How will the new ACC schedules impact our strength of schedule and our chances for getting a bid to the 4-team playoffs? Do we need to dramatically strengthen our OOC schedule to improve our strength of schedule?

Chris Coleman: I wouldn’t base my scheduling around whether or not Virginia Tech might be in contention for the 4-team playoff. How many times would they have made it, or been in the discussion for it, in the past?

They would have made it in 1999, and they would have been in the discussion in 2000. They would have been in the discussion in 2007, when they finished #3 in the BCS rankings, but I don’t think any selection committee on earth would have put them in a 4-team tournament after what happened at LSU early in the season. I don’t think any unbiased person could look at that Tech team and think it was one of the four best in the country.

This isn’t basketball where dozens of teams make the Big Dance. We’re talking about four teams here, and you’ll likely talking about no-loss and one-loss teams, with occasionally perhaps a strong 2-loss team.