Indoor practice facility, and QB recruiting

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It’s time to address the issue of the proposed indoor practice facility.  This issue has been dragging on for awhile, showing that getting things built at big in-state schools takes a long time, particularly when politics get involved.

UVA just opened their new indoor facility this past spring, and it’s a very impressive building.  Here’s a link to information about the building, as well as a photogallery.  It’s not just UVA, either.  When Florida State opens their indoor facility this summer, they’ll be the third ACC program to open one this year.

There are many proposed areas for Virginia Tech’s new facility, and most of them don’t make a lot of sense.

This image shows the location of all of the proposals…

You can also read more about each proposal by clicking here.

From a convenience standpoint, building the facility right next to the current practice field (site #1) would be perfect.  If a thunderstorm pops up in the middle of practice, it’s an easy walk next door, and it wouldn’t take long to move equipment.  Also, the NCAA regulates practice time, and moving from the outdoor fields to the indoor facility cuts into that time, so you want it to be as close as possible to your outdoor fields.

However, you and I know that facility isn’t getting built in those woods.  We can eliminate that option right now, along with a few others on that list.  #9 is private property, so forget about that one.  #6 and #7 are just too far away, in lot 5 and beyond.  #4 takes away too many parking spots in lot 1, and that would upset a lot of big donors.  #8 just doesn’t make sense, from a location standpoint.  #10 would require the current practice fields