Friday Q&A: Hokies lacking playmakers

1) Who is the biggest offensive difference maker we have signed since David Wilson? Is there one on the 2014 verbal’s list – or possibly on the 2015 radar scope; which will likely includes Frank’s foreseeable remaining head coaching reign?  Or will David Wilson likely be Frank’s last offensive difference maker, in the final analysis?

Trey Edmunds

Chris Coleman: I know our offensive coaching staff has gotten a lot of flak over the years, and rightly so.  However, every offense that lacks playmakers is capped.  Sometimes you just have to have guys who can go out there and make a play independently of what others are doing on the field.  Tyrod could do that.  David Wilson could.  Ryan Williams could.  Combine those guys with excellent college receivers in Boykin and Coale, and a veteran offensive line, and it’s easy to see why Tech put up good numbers on offense from 2009 through 2011.

Last year, the offense went back to 2006-08 levels.  Though it was mostly because the Hokies didn’t have a good offensive line, it was also because they didn’t have a real playmaker on offense.  I think last year’s offense would have been a lot more effective with Tyrod Tayor running around and making a play when the original playcall didn’t work.  Unfortunately, Logan Thomas isn’t that kind of player.

I think the biggest difference maker on the current team, over the next few years, will be Trey Edmunds .  He has the best combination of speed, power size, change of direction ability, etc.  He’s the only guy on offense I see, besides Logan, who definitely possesses the physical attributes to be drafted in the first couple of rounds of the NFL Draft.