Friday Q&A: May 10, 2013

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1) Who is the better fit for VT, David Cornwell or Jacob Park , and why?

Chris Coleman: Oh, boy. I’m very high on both players. I think they both have the potential to be excellent college quarterbacks. They are both physically gifted, and they both like Scot Loeffler a lot.

Up until this morning, I was a bigger fan of Jacob Park . He’s a good athlete, he’s got a very strong arm, and he’s pretty advanced from a technical standpoint. He was my #1 target at quarterback. Then this morning I watched David Cornwell ‘s junior highlights. I’m not sure if I was watching his sophomore highlights before, or if I just didn’t appreciate the types of throws he is capable of making. Whatever the reason, Cornwell just jumped to not only the top of my quarterback list, but he jumped to the top of my overall list. Yes, even above Da’Shawn Hand.

At 6-5, 230, Cornwell is a big, prototypical quarterback. Watch some of those throws he makes in his highlight tape. In some of them, he’s literally throwing across his body and hitting receivers in stride 40 yards downfield. That’s something that very few quarterbacks can do. There are even NFL quarterbacks who aren’t blessed with that particular talent.

Jacob Park at the 2013 Nike Camp in Ashburn (VA)

Obviously Tech will be in a battle for both guys. Check out their offer lists, as found on Rivals:

Cornwell: Alabama, Auburn, Indiana, Kansas, Miami, Missouri, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, Tennessee, Tulsa, Virginia Tech, Washington State

Park: Alabama, Auburn, UNC, NC State, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Virginia Tech.

You can expect more offers to come in for both guys.