Virginia Tech Football’s Top Prospects: May 1, 2013

This is the first installment of a new “top prospects” feature that we’re going to run as a regular series here on TSL. In these articles, we’ll list our top up and coming prospects in the Hokie football program.

Our top prospects lists are basically like the baseball lists of top prospects in the minor leagues. Obviously there are no minor leagues in college football, so we had to use other criteria to define a “prospect”. Our lists will include true freshmen and r-freshmen. It can also include true sophomores, but only if that player was on the field for less than 100 offensive or defensive snaps as a true freshman. (Special teams snaps are not considered.)

Having just one list is no fun, so I asked GMSAHokie to make one up as well. We’ll do our best to update our lists regularly, based on injuries, depth chart changes, qualification status, etc.

First, let’s start with GMSAHokie and his Top 10 Virginia Tech football prospects.