Post-Spring offensive roundtable: Part 1

Today is Part 1 of our spring roundtable with GMSAHokie, Raleigh Hokie and Chris Coleman.  Part 2 will come tomorrow, and the defensive roundtable will come later in the week.

1) What’s your impression of Logan Thomas , based on what you’ve seen out of him this spring?

Logan Thomas

GMSAHokie: I’ve never made it a secret that I am a BIG fan of Logan Thomas . In spite of his disappointing year last year, I remain enamored with his upside and very confident in his abilities as a player. In 2011, lest we forget, Logan Thomas threw for over 3,000 yards with a 59% completion percentage and 19 TD’s against only 10 INT’s. He also rushed for 680+ yards and 10TDs. He had great games against UNC, Duke, Marshall, Boston College, Georgia Tech and one masterful performance against Miami that year. It’s easy for fans to forget a season like the one Thomas had in 2011 when it’s followed up by such a disappointing performance in 2012.

Which Thomas are we likely to see in 2013? To be honest, I’m really not certain. I agree with a lot of what I have heard others say regarding his command in the pocket and improved mechanics this spring. However, I thought Thomas looked really sharp last year at this time too. I noted many times how decisive and impressive Logan looked last spring, and while I wasn’t paying too much attention to his mechanics (that came later), I can tell you that in no way was Logan’s performance last spring an indicator for anyone of the kinds of struggles he would have in the fall.