Thomas Shows Improvement in Scrimmage #2

Scrimmage #2 is in the books.  All that remains are three practices this coming week, and then the spring will be capped by next Saturday’s Spring Game.

The team worked on goalline situations for much of Saturday’s scrimmage.  As you might expect with one of the top defenses in the country facing a rebuilding offense, Bud Foster’s unit got the best of it.  However, there were some positives on the offensive side of the ball, too.

Logan Thomas

Logan’s Improvement

On Monday, Logan Thomas wasn’t at his best.  This spring is all about technique for him, and technique is about repetitions.  On Saturday, it looked as if all this spring’s repetitions are starting to pay off.  Thomas was a completely different quarterback than he was on Monday.

Thomas was only 6-of-16, but those numbers are deceiving.  I lost count of the number of drops during the scrimmage, and I don’t know how many came with Thomas throwing the football, he probably could have completed about four more passes.  The big issue was the tight ends, though the receivers dropped a few as well.

At any rate, Logan’s accuracy looked much improved on Monday.  That’s due to improved technique, and better footwork.  He is also showing an increased ability to read larger portions of the field.  When his eyes move from one side of the field to the other, his feet are going with him now, and that’s key.

It’s only one scrimmage, but if what we saw on Saturday continues, then we have tangible evidence that Scot Loeffler is doing a good job with Thomas.  I think those two guys are working very well together.

Oklahoma Drill

This just in: Virginia Tech is trying to improve the toughness, aggressiveness and intensity level of the offense this year.  Yeah, I know…I’m sort of tired of writing about it too, though it is refreshing to see them focus on things that are clearly needed.

Through the first part of the spring, the Hokies did their T-Time, with players going one-on-one in a small circle.  On Saturday, the coaches broke out their own version of the Oklahoma Drill.  Three offensive players would try to block three defensive players.  Behind the offensive players was a ball carrier, and behind the defensive players was one unblocked defensive back.

Kyle Fuller did a great job in this short portion of practice, and Joel Caleb made a big run as well.  Caleb would later go on to catch a touchdown pass during the scrimmage.

Brandon Facyson just after he committed to the Hokies in July of 2012

Brandon Facyson Plays Well Again; Manning Takes over the Field Corner Spot

True freshman cornerback Brandon Facyson played well again on Saturday.  He is the #2 boundary cornerback behind Kyle Fuller right now.  He played well on Monday as well, though he did get beat once on a stop and go.  On Saturday he was more consistent, and he even came up with a big interception when he jumped a short route thrown by quarterback Mark Leal .

The interception might have been the fault of the wide receiver for cutting off his route, but nevertheless, it was a very nice play by Facyson.  His high school film was impressive, and I always thought he would be a good player for the Hokies, but it wasn’t completely clear whether or not he was a true corner, or more of a safety type.  Obviously it’s