Emptying the Tape Recorder: “I wish he would play better.”

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Charley Wiles coaching his defensive line

Charley Wiles is a media favorite who doesn’t hold much back.  This is a transcription of his chat with the media following Wednesday’s practice, with quick notes from Deon Clarke as well.  Later this afternoon, we’ll have quotes from some offensive players and coaches.

Charley Wiles

On Dadi Nicolas : “Oh, Dadi, you see him making a lot of plays, now.  He’s very explosive.  He’s dynamic in space.  He needs to continue to improve as a seven technique overall, but he shows up.  You’ll see him and James [Gayle] probably working together on the field at the same time more as we go along.”

On defensive tackle: “The big concern right now is defensive tackle.  We just don’t have the depth.  We’ve got some bodies.  If we were playing tomorrow, we’d probably have to make a move and get an end in there.  I don’t know who that would be right now.  It’s such an experience-based position.  You lost a really good player in Hop.  All those young kids right now, with Alston Smith , Nigel Williams , Woody Baron , they are all inexperienced.  It’s a tough position to play as a freshman or r-freshman.  It’s kind of a unique scheme we’re [the VT offense] is doing.  We’re not seeing any man stuff.  It’s all zone blocking.  But I see those guys getting better.  We just have to take advantage of these last six or seven practices that we