Wednesday Ramblings: Wyatt Teller and Jerome Wright

Is Teller Needed on Offense?

Wyatt Teller

I’ve loved Wyatt Teller as a defensive tackle for the Hokies ever since I first saw his highlight tape.  His toughness, aggressiveness and his blue collar style are perfect fits for the Virginia Tech defense.  However, I’ve gradually been changing my way of thinking.

I still believe that Teller would be a great fit at defensive tackle for Tech, but I also viewed him and Braxton Pfaff as the best two offensive linemen in the state for 2013.  Right now, I’m wondering if Teller isn’t needed more on the offensive line for Virginia Tech, specifically at offensive tackle.

We covered this in an article yesterday, but let’s go over it again quickly.  The Hokies appear to only have four true offensive tackles on this team: Laurence Gibson , Mark Shuman , Jonathan McLaughlin and Parker Osterloh .  Osterloh isn’t close to being ready to help the team.  Augie Conte and Adam Taraschke look more like offensive guards at the moment, and Braxton Pfaff is also expected to play guard when he arrives.