Scrimmage Discussion: The OL, the Tailbacks, and D.J. Coles

The Hokies held their first open scrimmage of the spring on Monday.  Much of the talk centers around the two interceptions thrown by Logan Thomas , or moving many offensive linemen to different positions.  I’m going to hit on that offensive line situation today, but for the most part we’ll stick with what others haven’t talked about yet.

Some of Tech’s True Freshmen Look the Part

I like this group of true freshmen who have enrolled for the first time this spring.  Here’s a brief synopsis on each guy …

Seth Dooley

Woody Baron (#60, 6-1, 260, Fr.): Baron is playing defensive tackle for the Hokies.  He’s got a low center of gravity, and a powerful looking set of legs.  He may or may not play as a true freshman, but he’ll be on the field for Tech sooner rather than later.

Seth Dooley (#43, 6-4, 237, Fr.): I didn’t expect Seth Dooley to come in quite as big as he’s listed, but as you can see from the picture at right, he’s every bit of 237 and maybe more.  I thought he might begin his career at tight end because of the need at that position, but for now he’s at defensive end.  He’ll redshirt, but he definitely looks the part.

Brandon Facyson (#31, 6-2, 183, Fr.): Facyson is doing well for a true freshman corner, yet I’m still not convinced he is a natural corner.  It’s simply too early to tell at this point.  He got burned badly on a pump and go yesterday, but overall he’s doing a good job for a skinny guy who is in the middle of his first semester.  Facyson is a very mature guy, and I think he has a good chance to play special teams this season.

Jerome Wright (#25, 5-11, 229, Fr.): Wright took a couple of handoffs as a tailback, and he also worked at fullback.  I like him a lot as a fullback.  I think he’s a guy who can change his body direction while blocking on the edge.  That will make him a good space blocker for the Hokies before it’s all said and done, and he can also be used to run and catch out of the fullback spot.  I think it would be good to redshirt him, but after a spring, summer and August, it’s possible that he could play.

Carlis Parker (#16, 6-3, 184, Fr.): The only time I looked for Carlis Parker on Monday was during warm-ups before the scrimmage.  At first I didn’t see him, but then I noticed he was lined up with the wide receivers and was running routes.  He was wearing his yellow jersey like a quarterback.  Perhaps this is a sign that the coaching staff isn’t exactly sure what to do with him yet.

Parker Osterloh (#67, 6-8, 330, Fr.): Osterloh is one large human being.  He’s also a true freshman who needs lots and lots of work.  He’ll redshirt.

Jonathan McLaughlin (#71, 6-4, 306, Fr.): McLaughlin looks the part, he’s athletic enough to play tackle, and on the whole I thought he held up well on Monday.  I’d certainly like to redshirt him, like almost all offensive linemen should be.  However, the Hokies might not have that luxury.

On that note, let’s address the offensive line.

Jonathan McLaughlin shows good leverage on this play

The OL Shuffle

As Will Stewart noted earlier today, there was lots of shuffling going on up front during