Friday Q&A: April 5, 2013

1) Are we still going to run a spread or are we going back to I back with fullback?

Chris Coleman: First of all, keep in mind that we aren’t going to see a high percentage of Scot Loeffler’s playbook this spring.  He is building this offense from the ground up.  They are keeping things relatively simple this spring and trying to identify their best players.  Once they figure out who their best players are, they will use those players to gradually expand the offense.

My gut feeling is no, we won’t see as much spread this year as we’ve seen in the past.  Out of the 4+ minutes of Wednesday’s scrimmage highlights on, I think I only saw the Hokies in shotgun formation maybe once or twice.  For the time being, Tech is operating out of traditional I/Ace formations.

Obviously, that was just one mini-scrimmage.  Like I said before, the staff wants to keep things simple so they can identify their best players.  From what I could tell, the tight end will be used more this year (at least, they’ll try to use them more).  There will be more motion, and I think Tech will try to get more than one running back on the field at times.