“He’s definitely God-sent”

Wednesday was the second media day of the spring, and TSL was on hand to talk to several players and coaches.

Jeff Grimes

Grimes Continues to Evaluate his Players

Jeff Grimes is trying to find his five best offensive linemen.  If two of them are centers, then one of them will play guard.  If three of them are tackles, then one of them will play guard.  Grimes is changing his depth chart daily in an effort to see how his players respond in different positions.

“I told the guys repeatedly that nobody has a position secured, and that I’m going to ask them to play different spots,” Grimes said.  “I’m moving guys around.  The starting lineup changes every day, sometimes with different guys in different spots.  Sometimes one guy might have been going with the first group two days ago, and now he’s with the first group.  It’s just a matter of trying to see as many things as I can with different guys.”