Friday Q&A: March 22, 2013

1: What is the deepest position on the team? What is the thinnest position on the team? Why?

Chris Coleman: I feel like Virginia Tech’s deepest position is the defensive line, and the thinnest position is whip/nickel.

Since the defensive line preview came out on Wednesday, I don’t feel the need to go over it closely again. Just go back and read Wednesday’s article, if you haven’t already. I see five defensive ends who are ready to play, and I believe the Hokies will have four guys who can effectively play defensive tackle as well. The key is getting off to a good start this year, rather than waiting until October.

Ronny Vandyke

Right now there is only one whip linebacker listed on the roster, and that’s rising r-sophomore Ronny Vandyke . Vandyke is a very talented player, but he has no depth behind him. Rising r-freshman Dahman McKinnon recently had his felony hit and run charge reduced to a misdemeanor, which usually means a quick reinstatement to the team. So far that reinstatement hasn’t been announced, though I expect to see him on the depth chart when practice opens next week.