Friday Q&A: March 22, 2013

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1: What is the deepest position on the team? What is the thinnest position on the team? Why?

Chris Coleman: I feel like Virginia Tech’s deepest position is the defensive line, and the thinnest position is whip/nickel.

Since the defensive line preview came out on Wednesday, I don’t feel the need to go over it closely again. Just go back and read Wednesday’s article, if you haven’t already. I see five defensive ends who are ready to play, and I believe the Hokies will have four guys who can effectively play defensive tackle as well. The key is getting off to a good start this year, rather than waiting until October.

Ronny Vandyke

Right now there is only one whip linebacker listed on the roster, and that’s rising r-sophomore Ronny Vandyke . Vandyke is a very talented player, but he has no depth behind him. Rising r-freshman Dahman McKinnon recently had his felony hit and run charge reduced to a misdemeanor, which usually means a quick reinstatement to the team. So far that reinstatement hasn’t been announced, though I expect to see him on the depth chart when practice opens next week.

While McKinnon’s presence would mean an extra body at whip, it would far from guarantee solid depth at that position. Vandyke did pretty well last season for a r-freshman, but as we’ve seen in past, whips generally don’t break out until their r-junior season. McKinnon will contribute on special teams this year, assuming he does get reinstated, but expecting him to be a good whip linebacker if called upon is asking a bit much right now.

I’m sure we’ll see a walk-on or two moved to the whip spot as well. I consider r-junior Derek DiNardo to be a very strong possibility. He has played the position