Tech’s Quarterbacks Prepare for 2013 with a New Coach

Virginia Tech has a new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach this season.  That means we are in store for a fun spring, as Tech’s quarterbacks learn the new offense and develop under Scot Loeffler.

Previewing Tech’s offense for this spring might be a bit difficult.  We don’t know exactly what kind of offense Scot Loeffler will install.  We don’t know how Tech’s current players will adapt to it.  We don’t know how good the offensive line will be…they looked pretty good last spring and in August, but obviously they didn’t perform well during games.

Because of the coaching staff changes, this spring is more exciting to me than any spring in the past.  Will these guys be able to make what was a soft Tech offense last season into a tougher group this year?  Or will it take more than one year?  What kind of a difference will Scot Loeffler make with Logan Thomas and the passing game?

I don’t know about the offensive line, but I have a pretty good feeling about Logan Thomas and Tech’s quarterback depth.  However, that’s just a gut feel.  We won’t truly know until the spring is over.