The Unwanted Thank-You

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When I got my first look at the 2013 VT football schedule, I wasn’t a big fan, and I figured most of the conversation would revolve around that five-day “rest” before visiting Georgia Tech.

It’s a dog of a schedule. I thought Chris Coleman was much too kind in his column Monday, when the schedule was announced. I thought the ACC gave VT the short end of the stick in many areas:

  • Scheduling a road trip to GT just five days after a home game.
  • Sending Duke to Blacksburg two years in a row.
  • Sending VT to Miami and BC two years in a row.
  • Scheduling those BC and Miami trips back-to-back.
  • No return trip to Tallahassee after last year’s FSU-VT game in Blacksburg. (Yes, this is bad, because it’s a high-profile game that VT won’t be playing.)
  • Scheduling Maryland as the other Atlantic Division game, instead of Clemson, FSU, or NC State. (This was previously announced, not new information.)

Those were all ACC decisions, not VT decisions.

Jack Tyler and his teammates played a thriller against FSU in 2012, but Lane Stadium will be silent on Thursday nights this fall.

Far down my list of issues was the lack of a Thursday night home game. But in the two days since the schedule was announced, that seems to be the aspect of it that’s drawing the most commentary and interest.

What turbo-charged the focus on the lack of a Thursday home game were Jim Weaver’s comments in a couple of newspaper articles yesterday and today that he personally requested no Thursday game this year. So it wasn’t the ACC’s decision … it was Jim Weaver’s request, and the ACC honored it (though they didn’t  do VT any other favors, based on my bullet points above).

First, from a “Teel Time” blog yesterday, with emphasis added:

“It was simply a request on behalf of our fans,”