New Coaches Bring New Recruiting Responsibilities

On Signing Day, I got the opportunity to ask Frank Beamer about the recruiting territories of Tech’s new coaches.  He turned the show over to recruiting coordinator Bryan Stinespring, who went over the territorial responsibilities of each coach.

I was originally going to use today to look ahead to the 2014 class and identify the major prospects that Virginia Tech will be going after over the course of the next year.  However, I decided it would be better to talk about these new recruiting responsibilities for the coaching staff before we get into the specific prospects.  Plus, we need a few days to add a number of 2014 guys to our recruiting database.  Once we get that done, we’ll start in on 2014 prospects early next week.

The responsibilities of some coaches haven’t change, and others have had just minor alterations.

Bud Foster: Tech’s defensive coordinator will continue to recruit his area of Northern Virginia.