The Erick Green Show

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Let’s throw out the record of the basketball team for one moment and talk about its top player.  Erick Green is not only having a phenomenal season, but he’s having an historical season as well.  The nation’s leading scorer is having one of the best years in VT basketball history, and though the team isn’t doing very well, that doesn’t mean we should overlook Green’s accomplishments.

Today we’re going to take a moment and focus on Erick Green , whose season is the bright spot in what hasn’t been a great year in Virginia Tech athletics.  I don’t get the feeling that a lot of Tech fans truly appreciate the season Green is having, so today I’ll run some numbers that put him in a very favorable light.

Green’s Season Amongst the Best in Virginia Tech History

Some guys are natural scorers.  Erick Green was not as a freshman, but he has gradually developed into one over the course of his career.  In fact, he’s developed so much that his 2012-13 season is one of the best in Virginia Tech history, from a scoring standpoint.

Bimbo Coles (1988-89): 26.6 ppg, 11-17 record
Bob Ayersman (1958-59): 26.5 ppg, 16-5 record
Bimbo Coles (1989-90): 25.3 ppg, 13-18 record
Erick Green (2012-13): 25.0 ppg, 11-10 record
Allan Bristow (1971-72): 25.0 ppg,  16-10 record
Bimbo Coles (1987-88): 24.2 ppg, 19-10 record
Dell Curry (1985-86): 24.1 ppg, 22-9 record
Allan Bristow (1972-73): 23.9 ppg, 22-5 record
Chris Smith (1959-60): 22.2 ppg, 20-6 record
Bryant Matthews (2003-04): 22.1 ppg, 15-14 record

That’s some impressive company to keep.  It would not shock me to see Green wear down a bit down the stretch.  Considering the focus he gets from opposing defenses, there probably isn’t a harder working guard in the country.  That said, he’s done enough by now to pretty much guarantee himself a spot amongst Tech’s top 10 single-season scorers.  Right now, Green is averaging exactly 25 points per game.  Only three other guys have done that: Bob Ayersman, Bimbo Coles and Allan Bristow.

Here’s one thing that stands out to me: the Hokies had a losing season in both of Bimbo Coles’ best years, and they will likely have a losing record this year with Erick Green leading the charge.  If you feel