New Coaches are Good Fits

So, Chris Coleman sent me a text message earlier this week and asked me if I was willing to write an article giving my early assessment of the new offensive coaches hired last week.  Obviously, I agreed.  In truth, I was thrilled he asked as I have fielded many questions from my fellow Hokie friends about my thoughts and opinions and my answers have been so disorganized and “from the hip” that this article is a welcome opportunity to organize my thoughts and give some coherent answers.

First: a little background information.  In the weeks leading up to the announcement of Loeffler, Grimes and Moorehead, I spent some time on the TSL message boards trying to reassure my fellow Hokies to be patient and allow Coach Beamer to make thorough decisions.  I also tried to illuminate the hiring process from what I believed was Beamer’s perspective.

Frank Beamer put a lot of thought into this hiring process.

Make no mistake, Coach Beamer didn’t speak to me personally about his hiring process nor did I speak to the one guy that he may have shared his innermost thoughts with (ahem, John Ballein).  As I have mentioned previously, I am fortunate to have spent hours of one-on-one time with Coach Beamer asking him questions about leadership, coaching, mentorship, organizational development, and team building.  It is those conversations on which I base my opinions and guesses about his hiring process.

Anyway, during the interview process, I posted on the subscriber board specifically reminding the TSL community to be patient and consider those priorities that are important to Frank Beamer when making a hire like this.  Some fans, impatient with the process, were complaining bitterly about how long it was taking the head man to make his decision and were worried about the potential impact to recruiting with the staff in flux for over a month after the bowl game.  My point to all of this was that Frank Beamer would rather take months to make the right hire than to move forward quickly and make the wrong hire.