New Coaches Make a Good Impression

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Virginia Tech’s new offensive coaches were introduced to the media on Friday, and it appears the new guys made a favorable impression on everyone. Each person I’ve talked to at Virginia Tech appears to be impressed by them, message board posts have been favorable, and I came away from the press conference with a high opinion of them as well.

After spending several days thinking about it, I’ve formed several opinions or impressions of the new coaches, and Frank Beamer’s search for new coaches.

Frank Beamer

I thought Frank Beamer looked at ease during Friday’s press conference. He’s never been the best public speaker in the world, but I think he feels good about his new coaching hires. He also addressed the two things I wanted him to address:

The running game: Beamer made it clear from the beginning of the press conference that the reason these changes was made was to improve the running game. The head man apparently agreed with the Hokie Nation. Tech lacked toughness up front, and the VT offense won’t be successful without a running game. Steadily over the last six years, the Hokies lost their toughness and identity on the offensive side of the ball. These new coaches were put in place to reverse that trend.

The Stiney situation: Beamer acknowledged that in most situations, keeping the old offensive coordinator around on the staff with a new offensive coordinator would not work. However, he noted that Bryan Stinespring doesn’t have an ego. He said that Stinespring is a Tech guy, and wants to do anything to help the program succeed. I don’t know Byran personally, so I’ve got to take Beamer at his word on that. That’s a situation that could turn out to be bad, despite there being no egos. However, I think things will be okay there, though I admit that’s just a gut feel on my part.

Beamer talked about everything I wanted him to talk about at the press conference. He showed me that he knew what was wrong with Tech’s offense, and he’s taken the steps to correct it. I think it took him too long to make the change, but let’s give credit where credit is due … he did make the change. He didn’t want to, because nobody likes firing people, but he recognized what was good for the program.

Now, let’s move on to the new guys.

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