A History of Beamer’s Offensive Hires

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A History of Beamer’s Offensive Hires

There is a perception out there that Frank Beamer hires offensive coaches who don’t have a lot of experience with other programs.  The perception is that he hires his friends and puts them in a position of power that they don’t deserve.  The word that has been thrown around is “Nepotism”.

I believe that Beamer has kept a coach or two around longer than he should have, but I also recognize that every coach likes to hire guys they’ve worked with before.  There is a certain comfort level that makes the transition smoother.

Today we’ll take a look at all of Frank Beamer’s offensive hires, ever since his own hiring in 1987.  At the end, you can decide whether or not Frank is guilty of nepotism.

Steve Marshall, 1987: Marshall had been offensive coordinator and OL coach for Beamer at Murray State for two seasons.  Before that, he had coached at Tennessee, Marshall and Louisville.  After leaving Virginia Tech following the 1992 season, he coached at Tennessee, UCLA, Texas A&M, UNC, Colorado, the Houston Texans, the Cleveland Browns, Cal, and now he’s back at Colorado.  Marshall was not a guy who came up under Beamer.

Frank Beamer and Billy Hite talk during an early timeout in the Miami game.

Billy Hite, 1987: Hite was the running backs coach under Bill Dooley, and Frank Beamer decided to keep him on the staff to make things a smooth transition.  Hite and Beamer had no past associations, though their offensive philosophies were obviously similar.

Tommy Groom, 1987: Beamer hired Groom to coach tight ends.  They had played together at Tech, and Groom had gone on to coach under Jerry Claiborne at Maryland.  He also coached at Brown.

Rickey Bustle, 1987: Bustle had coached running backs in the USFL, and had also been a QB coach/OC at Northeast Louisiana State.  He was later elevated to offensive coordinator