Thomas Made the Right Decision

Earlier this week, Logan Thomas made the right decision for himself.  He chose to return to Virginia Tech for his senior year.  In the end, I think that was really his only decision.

Don’t get me wrong.  Logan could have declared for the draft, and he definitely would have been on someone’s preseason roster.  However, beyond that, I don’t think anything was guaranteed.  The 2012 version of Logan Thomas didn’t leap out at me as a guy who would definitely make an active roster for an NFL team.  He looked more like a third string guy, and third string quarterbacks in the NFL generally aren’t activated, meaning they don’t dress for games.

Logan Thomas

Also, in the NFL, there is no third team offense.  There aren’t enough players on the roster.  Even the second string is incomplete.  During an NFL regular season, I’m guessing the reps of third string quarterbacks are very limited during the week as the coaching staff tries to prepare the starter and his backup for the upcoming opponent.  Why rep a #3 quarterback who isn’t even going to dress for the game?

Getting better is all about getting repetitions.  At Virginia Tech, repetitions are guaranteed for Thomas.  In the NFL, they aren’t.  He made the right decision.