Friday Q&A: January 11, 2013

Today’s Friday Q&A is only features three questions, but they are three very good questions.  Therefore, they come with three long answers as well.

Bryan Stinespring

1) The VT offense in 2012 had “too many cooks”. While I’ll agree that we do and did have Will’s classic “Borg, we will assimilate your offense” as a disease, and have for years, it became some sort of accepted fact that Billy Hite was still whispering in Frank’s ear during the game suggesting some plays, or that perhaps Stiney was up in the booth overruling O’Cain in the play calling. Was any of that actually happening? I understand that all of these guys were likely involved in doing the game plan…but that’s no different from the past, right? What made it too many cooks this year…or wasn’t it?

Chris Coleman: That’s an outstanding question.  Nobody except the coaches sit in on staff meetings, or have headsets during the game, so it’s impossible for us to know for sure.  I think it makes sense, along with the theory that Tech does too many different things: the spread, the I-formation, the ACE, the shotgun and the Pistol.

I still think there’s something to that, but after watching Alabama take Notre Dame apart in the National Championship Game, I’ve finally settled on what I believe is the ultimate problem: Virginia Tech doesn’t block anybody.