Exum Puts Things in Perspective

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Earlier this week, Antone Exum walked into a Best Buy in Orlando intending on blowing his $470 gift card on himself. Sometime later, three kids walked out of the store with a Playstation3, games and other items courtesy of Exum, along with an assist from teammates Tariq Edwards and Marcus Davis.

Antone Exum

Exum was well-provided for as a kid, with one parent a dentist and the other a doctor. Needless to say, he always had nice Christmases. He knows the difference between a need and a want, and he decided right there on the spot that he didn’t need anything in Best Buy. He used his gift card to give three kids a better Christmas, and though his card didn’t cover everything, Edwards and Davis chipped in to cover the difference.

It’s a nice story, and if you’re a Tech fan, it makes you proud that we have good people like that in the program. The local newspapers ran with it, and it was a pretty big hit in the Twitterverse, but it didn’t turn into much of a national story.

Sometime in the last week – I don’t remember which night – I was flipping though the channels and I was reminded what is really important to ESPN: Alabama, the SEC, Ohio State, USC, the SEC, Alabama, Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, and the SEC. Throw in a tablespoon of Notre Dame and a half-cup of Les Miles, and you’ve basically got ESPN’s recipe for college football coverage day in and day out.

Here’s the problem with that. That network is choosing to spend their time glorifying almost everything that is wrong with college athletics. Don’t get me wrong; they do features on a lot of good stories around college sports. However, I don’t think their focus on the good outweighs their focus on the bad.

If you watch ESPN enough, you know which teams they favor.

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