Postseason Chat with Raleigh Hokie, Part 2

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Continued from yesterday’s Part 1 …

Whip Linebackers coach Cornell Brown

I know that Virginia Tech has started to use Cornell Brown in the 757 recently. That shows me that some kind of a change is about to happen.

A guy like Bucky Hodges, would he really decommit if Newsome or Stinespring were no longer recruiting him? He’s always been kind of a Tech guy. A lot of schools out there, they make these changes and they don’t think twice. Is it going to affect recruiting? Well, we don’t care, they say. If it does, then fine, we’ll deal with it. If it doesn’t, then great.

Our coaches seem to worry about recruiting more than others, at times. But another thing I keep hearing is that the changes will happen quicker than Signing Day. Who knows? With this kind of stuff, you really don’t know what’s accurate until it happens. Everybody that I know who has a source of any kind … I haven’t gotten the same exact story from anyone.

They just have to get something settled on the offensive side of the ball where there is one guy in charge. Could it be Ralph Friedgen? That name has gotten some play. If Beamer was going to hand over all offensive responsibility to anybody, it would be Ralph Friedgen. I always heard that as an X’s and O’s coach, they don’t come much better than Ralph Friedgen.

What’s your take on Logan Thomas ? Should he come back for his senior year? Do you think he would wait and see if there are coaching changes before he makes a decision?

Well, first of all I’m sure he’s aware that something might happen. Many times, a head coach will tell a player in Logan’s situation not to make a decision too soon. You don’t have to decide until the middle of January. By the time that day rolls around, we’ll have more information for you about