The Coaching Rumors

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Frank Beamer

Rumors abound on discussion forums, email chains and by the office water cooler regarding Virginia Tech coaching staff changes.  There’s a good chance you’ve heard some of them.  As far as I know, we’ve heard all of them.  Some I’ve brushed aside as silly rumors, and others I’ve taken seriously.  I’ve especially taken seriously the rumors we’ve heard from more than one source.

We don’t cover rumors on TSL, because of what they are: unverified accounts.  That said, over the last month I’ve talked to enough people who know what they are talking about that I feel comfortable addressing everything we’ve heard.

Many names and scenarios have been thrown out there online, whether it be on our forums, on Twitter, etc.  I’ll try to address everything I’ve heard in today’s article.  We heard that Frank Beamer told his offensive assistants that they had his permission to look for other jobs before the season even ended, which is how you would expect a guy like Beamer to handle it.  If those guys can get jobs at other schools without being fired from Virginia Tech, then that would be the classy way to handle it.

Mike O’Cain

For the last month, we’ve heard that Mike O’Cain would not be retained as Virginia Tech’s quarterback coach.  That rumor seemed to be confirmed when O’Cain was a finalist for the Appalachian State head coaching position, a job which he ultimately did not get.

Remember, O’Cain was retired from coaching when he was hired by Virginia Tech.  At the time, he said there were only two head coaches he would be willing to coach under, and one of them was Frank Beamer (that’s high praise for Frank, by the way).  I’m not sure which other coach he was referring to, but if O’Cain can’t find a job under that coach, or he can’t get a head coaching job, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him just retire.

For the record, I like O’Cain both personally and as a coach.  However, there are other good quarterback coaches